Insacal® mk. II - The Intelligent Low Conductivity Calibrator for WFI

Insatech Pharmas Insacal mk. II for UPW and WFI (Water for Injection) applications The Insacal mk. II is a lightweight, hand-carried calibrator developed for pharmaceutical Ultra Pure Water (UPW) applications. The calibrator can be used in a beaker or for calibrating in-line instruments. The casing is made from AISI 304 steel, dust proof and easily cleaned for cleanroom use. The sensor is covered by a flow fitting to avoid influences from the surroundings. All wetted parts are CIP-able (Cleaning-In-Place ) and like its older brother the mk. II is still a tamper proof documentation device.

Calibration with a 4:1 ratio

The Insacal mk. II features an electrical system test, which, when passed, only leaves the uncertainty of the calibration. The test enables the mk. II to reach an uncertainty that is 4 times better than the 2% specified in the US Pharmacopeia (USP) when calibrating at 100 µS/cm. The 4:1 ratio means the accumulated measurement uncertainty becomes insignificant. At 1.3 µS/cm the calibrator is also within USP requirements with an uncertainty of 1% of the measured value.

Intelligent Conductivity Calibration with the FT-Unit

Performing calibrations in-line, at 1.3 µS/cm, can be very difficult as flow and especially temperature heavily influences the measurements. This is why the Insacal mk. II with the recommended FT-unit, features intelligent software, that helps you asses the validity of your calibration. The software categorizes the measurements into three categories; accurate, influenced (useful as a rough estimate) and inaccurate. This gives you a valuable tool to ensure that the calibration of your in-line equipment is always performed correctly. The intelligent software is specifically developed to aid users and is one of the biggest upgrades made compared to the Insacal. 

Years of user experience from both our customers and our own calibration technicians has been used in the development of the Insacal mk. II.

Insatech and the Pharma Department

Insatech A/S has more than 25 years of experience within the field of instrumentation and automation as well as advising and selling solution to the industry. Insatech is a medium sized company with more than 60 employees. Insatech Pharma is a department within Insatech that specializes in developing and selling pharma solutions. The development of solutions is supported by the Insatech Calibration Laboratory ensuring the solutions always meet the demands of the pharmaceutical industry. Our Calibration Laboratory is also one of the first in the world to provide accredited conductivity calibrations.


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